Welcome to Cloud 9 Houseboat! We are located an easy and enjoyable 2 hours drive from Adelaide, on the wonderful River Murray at Morphett Flat, MORGAN. You will thoroughly enjoy your cruising holiday on our luxurious, state of the art vessel. For those seeking a relaxing and peaceful experience you will be amazed at the majestic scenery of ancient cliffs, the river mists rising in the morning, the incredible array of bird life, and the breath taking expanse of stars in the night skies!

For the more adventurous, bring along your ski boat and wakeboard/kneeboard, and spend your days grabbing air, or practising your bunny hops and Indy's! Cloud 9 has 2 ski hitches on the rear swim deck.

Cloud 9 offers an expansive open plan living area, with a comfortable lounge, designer kitchen, dining, and Cocktail Mirror bar areas.

Imagine waking up to a different view each day, checking out the water birds skimming low across the water, fish jumping, and swans & pelicans coming within arm’s reach.

Now it’s time to relax with your favourite refreshment either on the upper deck or on the river bank, settling in and viewing the changing colours of sunsets against the back drop of the red cliff faces! Next morning, wake up to find the swirling mist dancing and rising from the river outside your bedroom window, before once again heading off to explore more bends and river reaches to find a new location!

Take the provided Kayak for a quiet paddle to inspect an adjacent creek or backwater, and maybe catch a kangaroo or two by surprise!

Our solar power assistance system and LED lighting on Cloud 9 means that for most of the time you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the river without the constant chatter of a noisy generator! When the generator does automatically come on to help out the battery system, it’s below deck compartment reduces the resultant noise to a gentle hum.

"Cloud 9 is seriously the best holiday memory, that you will treasure with friends and family for many years to come."